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Community Appreciation Page

The Iola & Rural Fire Department & Ambulance Service truly appreciates all of the support the community has given us over the years.  This support comes in many different forms.  It might be a community member or organization doing a fundraiser on our behalf or giving a donation on their own.  It could involve a local business willing to donate a raffle prize for our department's Fall Festival.  We have had community members bring in meals for our department to enjoy after an emergency response or training session.  But this support also involves our community "having our back" in other ways like supporting our town and village boards as decisions are made regarding our department.  This community support is what makes it possible for our department to provide the level of service that we do.  This page is in appreciation to all those who have supported our department over the years!

Community Appreciation Fundraiser Event

On August 6th, 2023 an appreciation fundraiser for our department was held at the home of Cindy and Claud Berry.  Cindy and Claud had a fire at their home the previous year and in appreciation for what the fire and ambulance service did, they organized and held this great event.  A large crowd of community members came to support this event and to listen to the band Dammit Jim as they performed.  It was an amazing day which everyone there seemed to enjoy.  In the end, this event raised $6000 for our department.  Thank you Cindy and Claud for everything you have done!

Iola Fire & Ambulance Fall Festival 2022

Each year our department holds in annual Fall Festival.  This is our main fundraising event of the year where we have food and beverages, exhibits, demonstrations, activities along with several raffles and drawings throughout the day.  As you can see by some of these photos, our community members support this festival very well!  (By the way, our Fall Festival in 2023 is on October 7th, starting at 3PM... mark your calendars!)

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Click this image to download a PowerPoint Show of all our sponsors from last year's Fall Festival.

What We Have Done With Some of Our Community's Generosity...

With budgets being a concern and the cost of emergency equipment always rising, it is often difficult for departments to get the type of equipment that can improve their efficiency at an emergency scene.  With this in mind, departments often rely on fundraisers and donations to be able to make those type of improvements for their department.  Shown below are just

a few of the items that our department has fully or partially paid for with fundraised and/or donated funds.

This LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System provides consistent and highly effective chest compressions to a person in cardiac arrest.  In our rural setting where transport times can be long, this device can make a significant difference.

This Ready Rack locker system made is much easier to keep our turnout gear organized and clean

These Holmatro battery powered extrication tools replaced an old hydraulic system we had before.  They make a tremendous difference in the efficiency at which we can extricate a victim in a motor vehicle accident. 

These were each major purchases for our department but have all made a significant impact in how effective we can resolve and emergency situation in an outdoor setting.  In addition to this, the versatility that each of these vehicles have allows us to use them in numerous situations.

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